👋 Hi, I'm Dan Hannigan - a front end developer & designer living in Denver, CO.

💻 I'm currently employed as a Front End Engineer at AirDNA

👨‍💻 I have over 7 years of experience at boutique creative agencies - Legwork, Deloitte Digital, The1stMovement, and Ryan/Sawyer Marketing.

🤗 I also started Denver Devs - a Slack community of over 9000 tech industry professionals. You're more than welcome to join us at: denverdevs.org

🤓 Outside of tech I like being part of a community, DM'ing D&D campaigns (5E), video games, and other hobbies like goofing with Arduino / Pixels, 3d printing, and more (okay... so not too far outside of tech)

⌨️ Want to see some of my side projects? Check out the Denver Devs Github repo where I spend most of my coding energy outside of work.